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Would you like to know how to make it easier learning anything?

We are all good learners – it’s one of the main things our brains were designed for. Some people have learnt over time that they are not good at learning – they learnt that very well! But perhaps it was just that they didn’t learn the right way for them to retain the knowledge and be able to recall it adequately. Would you like to know how to find a way to easier learning?

It’s never too late to learn how to learn more effectively.

Anita Mitchell is a certified Quest Learning Coach in London, W1

Quest Learning Coach

Do you need to find a more effective learning style for you? Are you wasting valuable time on a study method that is inappropriate for you? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to recall the information you need as easily as its possible for you to do so? We are all different, so what works to help one person be an effective learner, may not be appropriate for another.

I have undergone further specialist training from the Quest Institute as an NLP Learning Coach. This enables me to help my clients to be the best learners they can by helping them understand:

  • The Three Keys to Learning
  • The difference between remembering and recalling
  • Strategies and how to use them to assist recall
  • The importance of chunk size
  • The secret about revision that makes the difference
  • Study methods to suit your learning type
  • Personality profiles and their impact on learning
  • The importance of state-dependent learning
  • Structuring notes to suit you.

I help my clients understand their own thinking and learning style, and together we work out a strategy for study that will be most appropriate for them.

It’s not about working longer – it’s about working smarter.

Of course, we have the added advantage that we can also work on any limiting beliefs that you might have by using the Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques, that may otherwise be getting in the way of your learning.

Trevor and Rebecca Silvester of The Quest Institute (that’s where I did my training) originally developed their NLP skills base working at the world famous Hendon Police Training School. Trevor was in charge of a unit assisting those students who were failing their exams. Over a three year period they developed a model based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles that matched a student’s thinking style to a study method. Studies showed that student’s improved their exam performance by between 10% and 30% with only 2½ hours of coaching – and that improvement was maintained after coaching was concluded, as long as the principles were continued to be followed.

If you would like to know how you can find out about your learning preferences and how it can help you be the most effective learner you can, contact me when you are ready.

phone: 020 8144 0315
mobile: 07813 126048

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  1. Reese Evans on 26th May 2021 at 4:49 am

    Thanks, Anita. You have written so well about NLP. I read it & appreciate your thoughts. It’s great.

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