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Can a Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing course help you feel more relaxed, calm and in control during your labour?

I would say, probably, it can. And wouldn’t it be fantastic if every pregnancy, labour and birth were as positive an experience as possible for all new parents!

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Hypnobirthing Course in London, W1

Unfortunately, for many mums-to-be, anxieties and fears about pain and complications during pregnancy and birth, overshadow what should be one of the most wonderful and happiest events of their lives.

It really need not be like that.

During my hypnobirthing course over 4 sessions, I can teach you practical tools and techniques. These can help you to cope and remain in control during your pregnancy, labour and childbirth. You may have been to ante-natal classes and believe that gives you all you need. You might be right, and have you thought how you would put that knowledge into practice? That’s where my hypnobirthing course can help you to have a successful birth – where success means you get through the experience in the best way possible, knowing you’ve done a fantastic job.

These are some of the things my mums-to-be have said that they would measure success during their birthing experience:

“I just want to be able to cope.”

“If I can get through this and feel positive about it afterwards, that will be enough.”

“I don’t expect it to be all ‘earth mother’ and whale music, but is it too much to expect to get through it and feel I did an OK job at the end?”

It’s not much to expect that we can have a positive experience giving birth, is it? After all, that’s what women’s bodies were designed to do. It’s simply that, in western society we have grown to expect labour and childbirth to be a horrendous thing to go through. People are only too pleased to tell you their birthing horror stories, and then expect you to look forward to your own! This is what one of my Confident Childbirth mums recently wrote in an email to me. I have worked with her before each of her three babies were born…

“Thank you so much for all your help and for heloing me have 3 really positive birth experiences, it made such a difference to me”. NH, London.

And actually, the benefits of the course can carry on long after the birth. Most women who have used the sorts of tools that hypnobirthing teaches, prior to labour, report that they babies are calm, contented and good feeders. That’s got to be worth thinking about because…

relaxed mums = relaxed baby = relaxed mums …

So, what benefits can you expect after completing a Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing course?

  • More easily able to remain calm and in control of what is happening to your body
  • Fewer or no chemicals tranferred to your baby during birth
  • Learn to allow your mind and body to work in harmony to do what it was designed for
  • Increased chance of of shortened time in labour
  • Possibility of less medication and medical intervention
  • Can lead to higher APGAR score for your baby
  • Potentially quicker recovery time for you.

During my hypnobirthing course, you’ll learn how to remain calm and in control throughout your labour. You also learn some fantastic pain management techiques. Many new parents who have been through the Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing course are surprised at how they need little (or even no) chemical pain relief during labour.

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Hypnobirthing for Self-hypnosis, coaching and visualisation for childbirth in London, W1

By preparing for the birth of your baby in this way, you learn to allow your body and mind to work together, just as it is designed to do. Several research studies have found that hypnotherapy for childbirth can help women to have shorter labour, whilst needing less pain relief. These studies have also found that generally, less medical interventions, such as epidural, forceps and caesarean sections are needed when women have been taught self-hypnosis prior to the onset of labour. Many women have reported being able to cope so much better than they expected, and therefore had a more satisfying birth.

During the course, you will learn self-hypnosis. This is a skill you will have for the rest of your life, so the benefits can continue long after the birth of your baby. The practice of self-hypnosis during pregnancy will help to encourage you to:

  • Relax more easily and promote better sleep, helping you to keep emotional control
  • Feel calm and confidence about the birthing experience
  • Better and easier digestion of your meals
  • Sensation/pain control to prepare you for labour and delivery
  • Remain positive and in control throughout your labour and delivery.

It is possible to experience no pain whatsoever, under hypnosis. Many people have had surgical operations using hypnosis as the only form of anaesthesia, and have reported feeling comfortable throughout the procedure. They generally recover more quickly than those people who have had conventional anaesthesia. Unfortunately, I can not guarantee that this will be the case during your labour and delivery because much depends on the amount of time and effort you are prepared to put into practising. The more you are able to practice the skills that you learn, the more easily you could find you are able to go into a deeper and more relaxed level of trance. If your aim is to have no pain or discomfort at all during labour, that is possible. You can spend time learning to relax and enter a self-hypnotic trance, and the more you do, the easier it becomes. Of course, this gives you the best positive excuse for putting your feet up and taking things a little easier at this important time!

You can book onto the course at any time during your pregnancy, but an excellent time to begin, is at the start of the third trimester so that you can prepare fully for the birth. Alternatively, you may like to consider beginning earlier in your pregnancy so that the benefits can begin as soon as possible. This also gives you the advantage of being able to spend more time practising the techniques that you will learn.

Even if you are fairly late into your pregnancy, please don’t think that it is too late for hypnosis to be of use to you. Any amount of practice that you are able to do between now and the birth of your baby is likely to be time well spent. And who knows, it may be the difference that makes the difference, to something that most people only get to experience a few times in their life. Shouldn’t it be the best experience it possible can be, so that you can look back on the event, and know it as a positive thing?

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Take control of your pregnancy, labour and birth with hypnobirthing, London W1

Women have natural instincts when it comes to giving birth. With the added skills that you will learn on the Confident Childbirth Course, you can really trust your body and work with it to the greatest effect, at this wonderful time in your life. Put aside any negative notions you may have about childbirth, because you can approach your labour with confidence.

So, the only question left to ask is, would you prefer one-to-one sessions, or would you like to do the course with a friend or two? Because it is possible to do a group session, and you can split the costs involved. My fees for a course of four sessions is £495 if paid at the first session, or £150 per session, if sessions are paid for individually.

Please contact me to discuss your own particular needs. My aim is to help you achieve the most positive pregnancy and birthing experience possible, so I look forward to hearing from you soon.

phone: 020 8144 0315
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