Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Why work with me?

Not all hypnotherapists are the same, as you may know! It is possible to be 'qualified' after just a few days training, or even a correspondence course. Scary, but true.

Of course, that's not how I did my training, which is both extensive, and on-going. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is at the cutting edge of therapy, and is science based. What you can expect from me is:

  • A confidential and bespoke treatment plan tailored to your solution state
  • An experienced, non-judgemental and ethical therapist
  • Someone who really listens to you, to understand your needs
  • Each session lasting between 60 - 90 minutes, average of 75 minutes each
  • A safe, client-based approach
  • Brief Therapy - average of 5 - 7 sessions with most clients
  • Control and responsibility for your own progress - it's you making the changes - I am merely your guide
  • Treatment in a comfortable and informal setting
  • Inclusive email and telephone support between sessions
  • Inclusive CD or MP3 download of hypnotic suggest if appropriate to your treatment.

Traditional hypnotherapists tend to use a 'one size fits all' approach to treat their clients, working from a set script for a certain problem. Therefore, everyone who wanted to stop smoking, for example, would hear the same set script during their hypnosis sessions. This approach may be effective in some instances perhaps more by luck than design; whilst for others, it may have little or only limited effect. This is NOT the way I work. As a Quest Trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I work with the individual person sitting in front of me, and not the label that has been given to their problem.

Watch the short video below to find out from Trevor Silvester, the creator of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, what it's all about:

At our first session, over the space of about 60 – 90 minutes, I will ask questions about you and the way you experience your problem, and how you would prefer things to be once the problem is in your past. This is a really important part of our process, because it gives me the information I need to begin designing your bespoke treatment plan. We will be working together; to form an alliance of sorts. This approach is less about me making the changes in you, and more about me guiding you towards making the changes in yourself. And it's really empowering for you, when we do it this way, because at the end of our work, you'll then feel the great satisfaction of knowing that you've achieved this for yourself, albeit with my guiding hand.

"I do feel that the work we did together has made a very big impact. I can't thank you enough for your help. I have a new perspective on things which before I found really challenging to deal with." GS, Berkshire

Anita Mitchell is a Quest Institute Registered Therapist

As part of our work, you will receive truly bespoke hypnotic suggestion patterns using Wordweaving™, so that your treatment can be successfully completed in the shortest time possible.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in the mediaCognitive Hypnotherapy is a safe, client-based approach that utilises the naturally occurring trance states that we all enter every day. Have you ever been walking down a street, deep in your thoughts, only to 'come back to reality' to find that you cannot remember having walked the last five minutes of your journey? Or been reading a book or watching a film whilst someone is trying to talk to you, and not heard a word they have said? That's trance, and we all enter that state many times during a day. During our sessions together, you will not see any swinging watches or be met with 'look into my eyes'. Because you need only be in a light trance, you can be assured that you will always feel in control, knowing that you could 'wake up' at any time you choose. You cannot be made to do anything whilst in trance that is against your principles, nor do you have to divulge any information about yourself if you are not completely happy to do so. You will be able to talk to me throughout, so that we can work together to achieve the results that you desire. Most people report feeling extremely relaxed during hypnosis, and this often continues for a period of time afterwards.

I, and a number of other Quest Trained Cognitive Hypnotherapists have been working on a research project over the last few years, in order to demonstrate the efficacy of our model. It was published in the peer reviewed, Mental Health Review Journal, and we are very proud of this research.  Click here to read more about that research project and it's findings so far.

So, if you like what you've read so far, or are intreged enough to find out more, please get in touch for an informal chat, without obligation. I'll be happy to discuss matters in as much detail as you require before making the decision to book an appointment with me.