Bespoke MP3 Hypnosis Recording

Do you live too far away from London W1 for 1-2-1 sessions, but would still like to benefit from a bespoke hypnosis recording?

It need not be a problem. Technology is a wonderful thing isn’t it, and the internet, Skype, FaceTime and Zoom means that we can have a ‘face-to-face’ consultation using a webcam in whatever format and at a time to suit us both. From this session together, I will gather all the information I require to be able to produce for you a truly bespoke MP3 recording, using WordweavingTM. I will then send it to you via large file transfer.

I have found that the optimum time for a recording is approximately 20 minutes, and this is what I aim to produce. However, if you would prefer a slightly longer or shorter recording, that can be easily achieved. It can be with music, or without – your choice.

Of course, this all takes time. The very nature of bespoke items means that it won’t be with you immediately, but I will get it to you just as quickly as I can. There is approximately 2 hours work involved for me with each individual recording.

To produce a bespoke recording and deliver it to you, I charge £125. Payment is to be made at the time of booking, by credit or debit card, please.

If at a later date, as things move on for you, you would like the recording to be updated, this is possible, with a fee for my time.

Please contact me to have an informal chat about your individual needs.

phone: 020 8144 0315
mobile: 07813 126048