All Change!

Life’s a funny thing, isn’t it. Everything is plodding along nicely, and you think you have it all in hand, and then something happens – it could be something simple, or a major happening – and everything is thrown up in the air! It’s in those moments that we can either become a victim to the ‘poor me’ or even ‘why me?’ mentality, or we can embrace the moment and make something positive come from it.

I have to say, that this last year as definitely seen some massive ups and downs for us (husband and myself) – frankly more downs than ups if I’m honest, but out of it has come a realisation that we want something to be different in our lifestyle. All the ‘downs’ of the last year have fired us to make some significant changes that can allow us to pursue that new way of living. I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy. I suspect it’s going to mean working harder, especially to begin with, but I do believe that we can make the changes if we put the effort in. Part of achieving these changes is about me moving my practice to London, and working from Harley Street in the heart of the medical district, which I’m really enjoying.I’m making lemonade, because life has given me a few lemons!

What I know is that if I had been in this situation 14 or 15 years ago, before I did my training as a cognitive hypnotherapist, I would have been in the ‘why me?’ mind-set. I wouldn’t have known how to cope with change and I certainly wouldn’t have the confidence in my own ability to make change happen. The fact that I can be sitting here in front of my computer, typing this, and only being concerned with how best to make things happen, rather that being nervous, anxious or even scared about what might happen, speaks volumes to me. It shows me just how much I’ve changed due to my training and the work I do, because I use what I’ve learned on myself. I suppose this should tell you something of what you could achieve if you wanted to, by getting some help from someone like me, if you can’t quite do it by yourself.

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