Princess of Cambridge uses hypnotherapy to help combat morning sickness

According to reports in a number of newspapers recently, the Duchess of Cambridge has had hypnotherapy sessions to help with her extreme morning sickness associated with her pregnancy. I know from my own experience how limiting morning sickness can be to your life, and how low it can make you feel when you have constant or even intermittent morning sickness. I found that eating starchy carbohydrates helped momentarily, but of course that meant I put on a lot of weight in my pregnancies, so I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone. If I could have found another way, it might have meant I didn’t have to lose 4 stones in excess weight after the birth of both my children. But I didn’t know about this stuff then, so I did the best I could at the time. Now, I know differently, I could have saved myself a lot of unnecessary discomfort and effort.

It can be as simple as changing perception whilst tuning out the unconscious mind, so that it tends to focus on things other than the unpleasant feelings of sickness. Teaching tools and techniques that the Duchess might use to help herself feel better, might also be a part of the treatment she receives.

Whatever her treatment, the Duchess is tacking action, to help control how she feels, and that’s got to be a good thing. Good for her!