What did you read when you saw the sentence above?

Depending on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist you may have read it one way, or another.

Opportunity is now here.

Opportunity is nowhere

We tend to notice whatever it is that are mind is primed to see, either the positives in life, or the negatives.

Have you ever been thinking about buying a particular model of car, and noticed that you see that type of car on the streets more and more? It’s not that there are any more of that model of car on the streets, just that your mind is primed to notice them, and so you do.

It may have happened with other things. When I was expecting my first child, I seemed to see pregnant ladies, or young babies everywhere!

If you believe that you might be a little bit of a pessemist, here’s an exercise that you might enjoy doing at the end of the day:

Look back over your day, and note three things that you have seen or have happened in your day that you would consider good things. It could be seeing something of natural beauty; how someone did something for you that was unexpected; it may even just be getting a phone call – you choose what you would consider those 3 good things – your three gifts for the day.

The only rules are that there must be three gifts that you have to note, and that if you can think of more than three, you have to narrow it down to the three best, for that day!

Do this every evening for at least a week, and notice how much easier you find it to start noticing the positive things that are going on around you everyday, if only we take the time to notice them!

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