Are you resolute?

So, here we are six weeks into the new year (and your resolutions?).  How amazing is that. Is it me, or is time going by more quickly these days? Perhaps that’s just what happens as we get older!

Many people start their new year making all sorts of resolutions or promises to themselves. You might have even set yourself some goals to achieve for the coming year.

Is that something that you do every year? Quite often by about this time into the new year, for many people, if they stop and take stock of exactly how they are doing with regard to these resolutions, promises and goals, quite frankly to coin a common teacher’s phrase they ‘could do better’.

We have all these great plans and ideas for how we want things to be different or better at the beginning of the year, but sure isn’t it strange how sometimes there’s a dirty great spanner thrown in the works?

That’ll be your unconscious thinking that whatever you have in mind is  not as good idea as your conscious might have thought. Until you get your unconscious on board, we can say all the things we like, consciously, but in the end, the unconscious is always victorious. Afterall, it is in charge around 90% of the time, you know.

So what do you need to be successful this time; motivation, determination, confidence in your own ability? Maybe you’re not completely sure exactly what you need to do this time, to do things differently.

The good news is that with the right help, you can get your unconscious onboard; find the resources you need; access those strengths, easier than you might have once thought possible. And it just so happens that I have the tools and techniques available to help you make it happen. Click here to go to my NLP information page.

So if you are having a problem keeping to those resolutions, promises and goals, remember that you don’t have to forget about them until next New Year’s Eve. Get in contact and let’s have a chat about how we can get you back on track.

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