Cog Hyp rocks at the diet show

Getting the message out there that losing and maintaining weight isn’t all about being on a diet… this from the blog of Trevor Silvester.


by Trevor Silvester.

diet show

Cognitive Hypnotherapy had a high profile at the Olympia Diet show. SlimQuest had a stand, manned and womanned by Questies eager to educate the public in how easy it is to to lose weight when your mind is working for you. On the Saturday Rebecca Silvester gave a presentation on how to use simple techniques to keep the mind in control of your weightloss. This was followed on Sunday by Questies Katie Abbott, who gave a talk on Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP, and Cathy Simmons who presented on using EFT. Cathy is a member of SlimQuest, which runs group weight loss courses for the public using Cog Hyp techniques. All course leaders are graduates of our Diploma course.

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